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Aptitude Interview Questions And Answers

6. A radio when sold at a certain price gives a gain of 20%. What will be the gain percent, if sold for thrice the price?

A) 260% B) 150% C) 100% D) 50% E) None of these

Ans: 260%
Sol. Let  x be  original cost of  the radio.
       The solding price = (100+20)x=120x
       If , it is sold for thrice the price ,then 3*120x=360x
       So, gain percent is (360-100)=260%.

7. If the Arithmetic mean is 34 and geometric mean is 16 then what is greates number in that series of numbers?

Ans. 64
Sol. Let two numbers be x, y;
         Arthmetic mean=34=>( x+y)/2=34
         geometric mean=16=>(xy)pow 1/2=16
         By trail and error  16*16=64*4
         And 64+4/2=34
        So the greatest number int hat series is 64.

8. The diameter of the driving wheel of a bus is 140cm. How  many revolutions per minute must the wheel make in order to keep a speed of 66 kmph?

Ans. 250
Sol. Distance to be covered in 1 min=(66*1000)/60 m=1100m
        Circumference of the wheel =(2*22/7*0.70)m=4.4m.
        So, Number of revolutions per min=1100/4.4=250.

9. Vivek travelled 1200km by air which formed 2/5 of his trip.One third of the whole trip , he travelled by car and the rest of the journey he performed by train. The distance travelled by tain was???

Sol:  Let the total trip be x km.         Then      2x/5=1200
        Distance travelled  by car =1/3*3000=1000km
        Journey by train =[3000-(1200+1000)]=800km.

10. In a college ,1/5 th of the girls and 1/8 th of the boys took part in a social camp.What of the total number of students in the college took part in the camp?

Ans: 2/13
Sol:  Out of 5 girls 1 took part in the camp
         out of 8 boys 1 took part in the camp
         so, out of 13 students 2 took part in the camp.
         So, 2/13of the total strength took part in the camp.
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