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West Bengal University of Technology
(B.E)Mechanical Engineering Syllabus - 2007
Theory Papers
ME 301 Fluid Mechanics
ME 302 Thermodynamics
M 303 Mathematics
ME 304 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
ME 305 Computer Graphics & Solid Modelling
EE(ME) 306 Electrical Machines
Practical Papers
ME 395 Graphics Laboratory - I
ME 396 Manufacturing Process Laboratory
EE(ME) 396 Electrical Machines Laboratory
Theory Papers
ME 401 Fluid Machinery
ME 402 Engineering Thermodynamics
ME 403 Measurements and Instrumentation
ME 404 Analysis and Synthesis of Linkages and Machines
ME 405 Materials Science and Technology
ME 406 Manufacturing Technology
Practical Papers
ME 491 Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery Laboratory
ME 493 Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory
ME 496 Manufacturing Technology Laboratory
ME 498 Graphics Laboratory - II
HU 481 Technical Report Writing & / Language Practice Laboratory
Theory Papers
ME 501 I.C. Engine and Steam Turbine
ME 502 Heat Transfer
ME 503 Design of Machine Elements
ME 504 Technology of Machining
ME 505 Environmental Management
Practical Papers
ME 592 Thermal Engineering Laboratory - I
ME 593 Design Practice - I
ME 594 Manufacturing Technology Laboratory
ME 596 Strength of Materials Laboratory
ME 599 Vocational Training
Theory Papers
ME 601 Automation, CNC Machines and Robotics
ME 602 Mechatronics and Modern Control
ME 603 Energy Conversion and Management
ME 604 Design of Mechanical Systems
ME 605 Dynamics of Machines
Practical Papers
ME 692 Mechatronics and Modern Control Laboratory
ME 694 Design Practice – II
ME 695 Dynamics of Machines Laboratory
ME 696 Thermal Engineering Laboratory-II
ME 699 Seminar
Theory Papers
ME 701 Advanced Manufacturing Technology
ME 702 Advances in Materials Processing
ME 703 Operations Research and Industrial Management
HU 701 Ethics in Engineering Profession
HU 702 Engineering Economy & Financial Management
Practical Papers
ME 794 CAD – CAM Laboratory
ME 795 Project
ME 798 Vacational Training
ME 799 Seminar on assigned Topic
Theory Papers
ME 801 Industrial Engineering
  Elective – I
  Elective – II
  Elective - III
Elective – I (Any one subject out the following)
ME 802 Computational Heat Transfer
ME 803 Combustion Engineering
ME 804 Reliability Engineering & Plant Maintenance
ME 805 Tribology and Terotechnology
ME 806 Non-conventional Energy Sources
ME 807 Finite Element Method and its Application
ME 808 Experimental Stress Analysis
Elective – II (Any one subject out of the following)
ME 811 Automotive Engineering
ME 812 Robotics and Robot Applications
ME 813 Management Information Systems
ME 814 Energy Management & Auditing
ME 815 Refrigeration and Airconditioning
ME 816 Optoelectronics and Laser Material Processing
ME 817 Gas Turbine Theory
PE 807 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
IT 806 Information Technology
Elective – III (Any one subject out of the following)
ME 821 Total Quality Management
ME 822 Mechanics of Composite Materials
ME 823 Fracture Mechanics
ME 824 Advanced Sensors for Engineering Applications & NDT
IT 816 Entrepreneurship and E-business
CS 815 Computer Networking and Web Based Technology
Practical Papers
ME 891 Industrial Engineering Laboratory
ME 898 Project / Thesis with defence of project
ME 881 Participation in Institutional Activities
ME 899 Comprehensive Viva-Voce