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31. On which of the following occasions would service be on the greatest number of lines disrupted.

(A) A snowy afternoon with the temperature at 45 degree farenheit

(B) A snowy morning with the temperature at 45 degree farenheit

(C) A rainy afternoon with the temperature at 45 degree farenheit

(D) A rainy afternoon with the temperature at 95 degree farenheit

Ans: B

(32-35) In a certain society, there are two marriage groups, red and brown. No marriage is permitted within a group. On marriage, malesbecome part of their wives groups; women remain in their own group. Children belong to the same group as their parents. Widowers and divorced males revert to the group of their birth. Marriage to more than one person at the same time and marriage to a direct descendant are forbidden

32.A brown female could have had

I. A grandfather born Red

II. A grandmother born Red

III Two grandfathers born Brown

(A) I only

(B) III only

(C) I, II and III

(D) I and II only

Ans: D

33. A male born into the brown group may have

(A) An uncle in either group

(B) A brown daughter

(C) A brown son

(D) A son-in-law born into red group

Ans: A

34.If widowers and divorced males retained their group they had upon marrying which of the following would be permissible ( Assume that no previous marriage occurred)

(A) A woman marrying her dead sister's husband

(B) A woman marrying her divorced daughter's ex-husband

(C) A widower marrying his brother's daughter

(D) A woman marrying her mother's brother who is a widower.

Ans: D

35.Which of the following is not permitted under the rules as stated.

(A) A brown male marrying his father's sister

(B) A red female marrying her mother's brother

(C) A widower marrying his wife's sister

(D) A widow marrying her divorced daughter's

Ans: B

There are six steps that lead from the first to the second floor. No two people can be on the same step Mr. A is two steps below Mr. C Mr. B is a step next to Mr. D Only one step is vacant ( No one standing on that step ) Denote the first step by step 1 and second step by step 2 etc.

36.If Mr. A is on the first step, Which of the following is true?

(a) Mr. B is on the second step

(b) Mr. C is on the fourth step.

(c) A person Mr. E, could be on the third step

(d) Mr. D is on higher step than Mr. C.

Ans: (d)

37. If Mr. B was on step 1, which step could A be on?

(a) 2&e only

(b) 3&5 only

(c) 3&4 only

(d) 4&5 only

(e) 2&4 only

Ans: (c)

38. If there were two steps between the step that A was standing and the step that B was standing on, and A was on a higher step than D , A must be on step

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) 5

(e) 6

Ans: (c)

39.If Mr. E was on the third step & Mr. B was on a higher step than Mr. E which step must be vacant

(a) step 1

(b) step 2

(c) step 4

(d) step 5

(e) step 6

Ans: (a)

40.Which of the following is false

i. B&D can be both on odd-numbered steps in one configuration

ii. In a particular configuration A and C must either both an odd numbered steps or both an even-numbered steps

iii. A person E can be on a step next to the vacant step.

(a) i only

(b) ii only

(c) iii only

(d) both i and iii

Ans: (c)

(41-44) Six swimmers A, B, C, D, E, F compete in a race. The outcome is as follows.

i. B does not win.

ii. Only two swimmers separate E & D

iii. A is behind D & E

iv. B is ahead of E , with one swimmer intervening

v. F is a head of D

41.Who stood fifth in the race ?

(a) A

(b) B

(c) C

(d) D

(e) E

Ans: (e)

42.How many swimmers seperate A and F ?

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4

(e) cannot be determined

Ans: (d)

43. The swimmer between C & E is

(a) none

(b) F

(c) D

(d) B

(e) A

Ans: (a)

44. If the end of the race, swimmer D is disqualified by the Judges then swimmer B finishes in which place

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4

(e) 5

Ans: (b)

(45-48) Five houses lettered A,B,C,D, & E are built in a row next to each other. The houses are lined up in the order A,B,C,D, & E. Each of the five houses has a colored chimney. The roof and chimney of each housemust be painted as follows.
i. The roof must be painted either green,red ,or yellow.

ii. The chimney must be painted either white, black, or red.

iii. No house may have the same color chimney as the color of roof.

iv.No house may use any of the same colors that the every next house uses.

v. House E has a green roof.

vi. House B has a red roof and a black chimney

45.Which must be false ?

(a) House A has a yellow roof

(b) House A & C have different color chimney

(c) House D has a black chimney

(d) House E has a white chimney

(e) House B&D have the same color roof.

Ans: (b)

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