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West Bengal University of Technology
(B.Tech )Information Technology Syllabus - 2007
Theory Papers
M 301 Mathematics
EE 301 Circuit Theory & Networks
M(CS)312 Numerical Methods & Programming
EC 311 Electronic System Design
EC 312 Digital Electronics & Logic Design
CS 302 Data Structures & Algorithms
Practical Papers
EC 382 Digital Electronics & Logic design Lab
CS 392 Data Structure Lab Data Structures Lab Programs
M(CS)382 Numerical Methods & Programming Lab
EE 391 Circuits & Networks Lab
Theory Papers
M 401 Mathematics
IT 401 Analysis & Design of Information System
CS 404 Computer Organization & Architecture
EC 411 Principles of Communication Engineering
EE 411 Control System
Practical Papers
EC 481 Communication Engineering laboratory
EE 481 Control Systems Lab
IT 491 Information System Design Lab
CS 494 Computer Organization & Architecture Lab
HU 481 Technical Report writing & / Language Practice Lab
Theory Papers
CS 501 Operating System
CS 511 Operation Research & Optimization Techniques
CS 512 Formal Language & Automata Theory
IT 501 Object Technology & UML
EI 502 Microprocessor & Microcontrollers
Practical Papers
CS 591 Operating System Lab Operating System Lab
CS 581 Operation Research Lab
IT 591 Object Technology Lab
EI 592 Microprocessor & Microcontrollers Lab
Theory Papers
IT 601 Software Engineering & Project Management
IT 602 Management Information System
IT 603 Data Communication & Networking
IT 604 Database Management System
IT 605 Multimedia Technology & Applications
Practical Papers
IT 693 Data Communication & Networking Lab
IT 694 DBMS Lab DBMS Lab
IT 695 Multimedia Technology & Applications
IT 682 Gr. Discussion & Communication Skill
Theory Papers
IT 701 Internetworking
IT 702 Web Technology
HU 701 Financial Management & Accounts
IT 703 Elective I
Elective I
IT 703A Computer Graphics
IT 703B Image Processing & GIS
IT 703C Soft Computing
IT 703D Distributed Computing
IT 703E Information Theory & Coding
Practical Papers
IT 791 Internetworking Lab Internet Programming Lab
IT 792 Web Technology Lab
IT 795 Assigned Project
IT 781 Practical Training Evaluation
IT 782 Seminar on Assigned / Selected Topic
Theory Papers
IT 801 E-Commerce
IT 802 Elective- II
HU 802 Industrial Management
IT 803 Elective-III
Practical Papers
IT 891 E-Commerce Lab
Elective II (any one)
IT 802A Data Warehousing and Data Mining
IT 802B Business Information System
IT 802C VLSI Design
IT 802D Mobile Communications
Elective III (any one)
IT 803A Data Compression and Cryptography
IT 803B Principles of Language Translation
IT 803C Design and Analysis of Algorithms
IT 803D Artificial Intelligence
Hu 881 Gr. Discussion on Professionalism
IT 882 Grand Viva Voce
IT 883 Assigned Project

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