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West Bengal University of Technology
(B.E )Civil Engineering Syllabus - 2007
Theory Papers
CE 301 Mathematics
CE 302 Fluid Mechanics
CE 303 Surveying-I
CE 304 Structural Mechanics
CE 305 Engineering Geology
CE 306 Building Materials and Construction
Practical Papers
CE 395 Geology Lab
CE 394 Structural Mechanics Lab
Theory Papers
CE 401 Mathematics II
CE 402 Quantity Surveying, Specification and Valuation
CE 403 Surveying – II
CE 404 Structural Analysis-I
CE 405 Structural Design-I
Practical Papers
CE 491 Surveying Practice-I
CE 492 Fluid Mechanics Lab
CE 493 Building Design and Drawing
CE 494 Numerical Analysis & Computer Programming – I
CE 495 Technical Report Writing & / Language Practice Lab
Theory Papers
CE-501 Soil Mechanics-I
CE-502 Concrete Technology
CE-503 Environmental Engineering
CE-504 Structural Analysis-II
CE-505 Structural Design-II
Practical Papers
CE 591 Civil Engineering Lab I
CE 592 Surveying Practice-II
CE 593 Soil Mechanics Lab I
CE 594 Structural Design & Drawing – I
Theory Papers
CE 601 Soil Mechanics II
CE 602 Transportation Engineering -I
CE 603 Environmental Engineering -II
CE 604 Structural Analysis-III
CE 605 Water Resources Engineering-I
Practical Papers
CE 691 Soil Mechanics Lab II
CE 692 Civil Engineering Lab-II
CE 693 Structural Design & Drawing –II
CE 694 Computer Programming in Civil Engineering
Theory Papers
CE 701 Water Resources Engineering II
CE 702 Transportation Engineering II
CE 703 Foundation Engineering
CE 704 Structural Design III
CE 705 Hydraulic Structures
Practical Papers
CE 791 Environmental Engineering Lab
CE 792 Highway Engineering Lab
CE 793 Computer Application in Civil Engineering – I Lab
CE 784 Project Work-Part I
CE 785 Seminar
CE 786 Evaluation of Practical Training
Theory Papers
CE 801/1- Elective I
CE 802/1- Elective II
CE 803 Construction Management, Technology & Departmental Procedure
CE 804 Accountancy & Economics
Elective I
CE 801/1 Advanced Transportation Engineering
CE 801/2 Environmental Pollution and Control
CE 801/3 Advanced Structural Analysis
CE 801/4 Advanced Foundation Engineering
CE 801/5 Remote Sensing and GIS
Elective II
CE 802/1 Soil Stabilisation & Ground Improvement Technique
CE 802/2 Bridge Engineering
CE 802/3 Water Resources Management & Planning
CE 802/4 Prestressed Concrete
CE 802/5 Structural Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering
Practical Papers
CE 891 Computer Application in Civil Engineering - II
CE 882 Project Work Part II
CE 883 Seminar
CE 884 Comprehensive Viva-Voce