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NS2   Wired   Sample   Programs
1. TCL script for creating nodes, duplex link, orientation, Label and Queue.
2. TCL script for bandwidth and delay configuration between Nodes.
3. TCL script to create a network which consists of eight nodes then set the bandwidth, delay and queue size of the link between the nodes.
4. TCL script to set identification color to links.
5. TCL script to create Tcp agent, Tcp sink and attach the Tcp agent with Tcpsink.
6.TCL script for TCP communication between two Clients and a Endserver.
7.TCL script for TCP communication between four Clients and a Endserver.
8.TCL script for TCP communication between more numbers of nodes.
9. TCL script for UDP communication.
10. TCL script to drop down the packets in particular link at specific time.
11. TCL script to drop the packets in router and Endserver link at 1.6sec.
12.TCL script to drop down the packets in same link at particular time intervals.
13. TCL script to generate rands file.
14. TCL script to generate rands file and generating graph using rands file.
15.TCL script to generate rand file which contains packets sent, received and dropped information.
16.TCL script to handle trace annotation.
17.TCL script for display the nodes activity in simulation window using trace annotation.
18.TCL script for display packets transfer information using annotation.
19.TCL script for Random node communication.
20.TCL script to generate graph.
21.TCL script to generata two graph in a single plot.
22.TCL script to draw graph using more trace input file.
23.Tcl script to construct complex wired network
24.TCL script for merger two Tcl script source files.
25.Tcl script to create CBR traffic object
26.Tcl script to create bottleneck network.
27.TCL script to create WWW traffic .
28.TCL script to create SMTP traffic.
29.TCL script to create exponential traffic.
30. TCL script to create telnet traffic.
31.Tcl script to understand more trace techniques
32. Tcl script for create Multicast network
33. Tcl script for Router handles ftp and cbr traffic simultaneously
34. TCL script for tracing fulltcp flow in zip files