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Object Oriented Programing Lab Exercise Programs
1. CPP Program For Functions With Default Arguments.
2. CPP Program For Call By Value.
3. CPP Program For Call By Reference.
4. CPP Program For Parameterized Constructor.
5. CPP Program For Accessing Member Function Through Object.
6. CPP Program For Matrix Addition.
7. CPP Program For Declaring Pointers as Class Member.
8. CPP Program To Implement Encapsulation .
9. CPP Program For Declaring Static Members as Class Member.
10. CPP Program To Implement Operator Overloading Including Unary and Binary Operators .
11. CPP Program To Implement Function Overloading
12. CPP Program To Implement Virtual Functions
13. CPP Program To Implement Virtual Base Classes
14. CPP Program To Implement Sequential Access File Handling
15. CPP Program To Implement Random Access File Handling.
16. CPP Program To Overriding Template Function.
17. CPP Program To Implement Pure Virtual Function.
18. CPP Program To Implement Multiple Inheritance and also Passing Parameters To Base Class Constructors.
19. CPP Program To Access Private and Protected Members Outside Classes Using Friend Function
20. CPP Program To Understanding Protected Qualifier Activities
21. CPP Program To Implement Inheritance
22. CPP Program To Implement Constructor and Destructor
23. CPP Program For Constructor Over Loading
24. CPP Program For Unary Operator Overloading
25. CPP Program for delete and new Operator Overloading
26. Java Program To Implement Stack Using Oops Concept
27. Java Program For Constructor Overloading
28. Java Program For Method Overloading
29. Java Program For Define Inner Class
30. Java program for implement Simple inheritance
31. Java Program For Implementing Inheritance and Base Call Super Class Constructor Using Super Keyword
32. Java Program For Implementing Multilevel Inheritance