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201.What are User defined Exceptions?

202.What is reflection?

203.When you think about optimization, what is the best way to findout the time/memory consuming process?

204. Which Java operator is right associative?

205.What is the use of Servlets ?

206. What is JNI ?

207.Considering notepad/IE or any other thing as process, What will Happen if you start notepad or IE 3 times? Where 3 processes are started or 3 threads are started ?

208.How does thread synchronization occurs inside a monitor ?

209. Why do you Canvas ?

210. Is there any tag in HTML to upload and download files ?

211. How will you call an Applet using a Java Script function ?

212. Have you ever used HashTable and Dictionary ?

213.When is update method called ?

214. In an HTML form I have a Button which makes us to open another page in 15 seconds. How will do you that ?

215. How do you communicate in between Applets & Servlets ?

216.What is user defined exception ?

217. What are the interfaces you used in Beans ?

218. How to reduce flicking in animation ?

219. What is the class in Swing to change the appearance of the Frame in Runtime.

220.What is the difference between AWT and Swing ?

221. What is the difference between menuitem and checkboxmenu item.

222.How to place a component on Windows ?

223. How to communicate between applet and an applet ?

224.What is audio clip Interface and what are all the methods in it ?

225.What is meant by Applet Flickering ?

226. What is serialization and de-serialisation ?

227.What is the method used to clear the buffer ?

228. What is meant by deadlock ?

229. What is the 2 way of creating a thread ? Which is the best way and why?

230. What is meant by Java ?

231. What is the difference between Trusted and Untrusted Applet ?

232. Can the Swing application if you upload in net, be compatible with your browser?

233. Difference between AWT and Swing compenents ?

234. What are the restrictions of an applet & how to make the applet access the local machines resources.

235.What is synchronized keyword used for.

236. What is the difference between == & .equals

237. What does the exportObject of UnicastRemoteObject do?

238. What are the steps involved to make work a RMI program?

239.What are Listeners? What is a typical use for a StartupListener?

240.What are Listeners? What is a typical use for a StartupListener?

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