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1. Cookies.

                     ⇒ Switch Menu.
2. Asp.net with Java Script.
                     ⇒ Age finder application.
                     ⇒ Get Input/Use Input.
                     ⇒ Visual Feedback (Background color)
3.Web Pages with Data Grid.
                     ⇒ Spliting of pages in datagrid
                     ⇒ Edit Database through Data Grid
                     ⇒ Data List and Data Grid
                     ⇒ User Confirmation before deleting items
4.Images in database.
                     ⇒ Display images in the data grid
5.Send Email via SMTP
6.Internet Connection Checker.
7. Server Management
                     ⇒ Session based server management
                     ⇒ Commercial web server
8. Web Services
                     ⇒ Denial of service attacks
9.GDI & Graphics
                     ⇒ Drawing Line Chart
10.ASP Controls
                     ⇒ Selective Validation