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Soft Campus

                      Firstsoft’s “SOFT-CAMPUS” is a web-based software product that enables anywhere, anytime access capabilities to students, faculty, parents and management to meet the specific learning needs of student community. Firstsoft Technologies has done extensive research and incorporated all necessary functionalities needed for the Educational Institutions.

SOFT-CAMPUS” has been designed with the state-of-the-art open source software technologies to reduce the development and implementation cost of the product. “SOFT-CAMPUS” is a client/server product that is Internet based, customized depending on the need of the client. There is no need to have additional software purchased to implement the product at client’s end.The Management, Staff and other users will have different levels of authentication to access the data. Enforcing strict login access by the individuals will ensure this. Any student or faculty can view instructional content, collaborate with educators, evaluate academic performance and access any learning resource at any time in order to achieve their educational objectives

Proposed Solution:

S-Campus Learning Management System provides a rich set of capabilities that enable faculty to create custom learning paths for students. S-Campus, a user-friendly Learning solution comprises of student management, staff management, administration, content management and Learning management tools and provides online learning experiences that allow students, faculties and administrators to achieve their educational goals. This solution offers unmatched combination of capabilities in providing both educational services and technologies needed to make the learning process successful.

Members will be able to access the S-Campus from any computer within the college campus or off-campus or at home at anytime - provided we have an Internet connection and a valid user account.

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