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    The Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree programme at SASTRA UNIVERSITY is designed to provide a candidate an opportunity to obtain the greatest possible expertise in the chosen field of interest through extensive course work and intensive research. The main components of the doctoral programme at SASTRA UNIVERSITY include a combination of specialized courses and a research thesis under the supervision of an experienced researcher. The objective of Ph.D. degree programme is to promote highly qualified researchers required for the expansion of fundamental knowledge and innovation through research & development. Programmes leading to the award of Ph.D. Degree is available in various disciplines. Candidates can register themselves as:
1) Full time internal
2) Part time internal
3) Part time external
     SASTRA UNIVERITY shall offer Ph.D. programmes in the following fields of research.


Ph.D Courses
  • Engineering / Technology
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Management, Education and Law
Guidance for Ph.D Students