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Ph.D in Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
    The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi(formerly college of Engineering & Technology Delhi), commonly known as IIT-Delhi, is a major college Engineeringin Delhi, India. It offers the following Ph.D courses. It aims to have focused research groups in some areas of IT and some domain areas.


Ph.D Courses
  • Applied Mechanics [AMZ]
  • Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology [BEZ]
  • Chemical Engineering [CHZ]
  • Chemistry [CYZ]
  • Civil Engineering [CEZ]
  • Computer Science & Engineering [CSZ]
  • Electrical Engineering [EEZ]
  • Humanities & Social Sciences [HUZ]
  • Management Studies [SMZ]
  • Mathematics [MAZ]
  • Mechnical Engineering [MEZ]
  • Physics [PHZ]
  • Textile Technology [TTZ]
  • Applied Research in Eletronics [CRZ]
  • Atmospheric Sciences [ASZ]
  • Biomedical Engineering [BMZ]
  • Energy Studies [ESZ]
  • Industrial Tribology, Machine Dynamics & Maintenance Engineering [ITZ]
  • Instrument Design & Development [IDZ]
  • Polymer Science & Engineering [PTZ]
  • Rural Development & Technology [RDZ]
  • Amar Nath and Shashi Khosla School of Information Technology [ANZ]
  • Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management [BSZ]
  • School of Biological Sciences [BLZ]
Research Area
  • Emerging Architecture and System Design
  • Image Analysis and Biometrics
  • Information Management and Data Analysis
  • Mobile and Ubiquitous computing
  • Center for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas
  • Security and privacy
  • Theory
  • Software Engineering
Guidance for Ph.D Students