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1.What is .NET Framework?

2. How can we configure the sites in web server(IIS)?

3 Describe the role of global.asax?

4.Which property of the textbox cannot be changed at runtime?

5.How do you create a permanent cookie?

6. What are the contents of cookie?

7.Which controls do not have events?

8.What is ViewState? What does the “EnableViewState” property do? Whay would I want it on or off?

9. Describe ways of cleaning up objects.

10.What methods are fired during the page load?

11. What are value types and reference types?

12. Give an example of what might be best suited to place in the Application_Start and Session_Start subroutines?

13.How can you clean up objects holding resources from within the code

14. What is the Scope of public/private/friend/protected/protected friend ?

15.How to do forms authentication in ASP.NET?

16.What is the difference betweenXMLDocument andXMLDataDocument?

17. What are the authentication methods in .NET?

18. How.NET has implemented security for web applications?

19. What should you do to store an object in a Viewstate?

20.What is the difference between VB6 and VB.Net?

21. directcast(123.34,integer) - should it throw an error? Why or why not?

22.Explain different Authentication modes in ASP.NET?

23.What is an interface and what is an abstract class? Please, expand by examples of using both. Explain why.

24.Explain how Viewstate is being formed and how it’s stored on client.

25.Where do we store our connection string in ASP.NET application?

26.Explain manifest & metadata.

27.What do you know about ADO.NET’s objects and methods?

28. Explain security types in ASP.NET?

29.What is an Interface?

30. What is GetElementbyname method will do?

31. What’s the use of System.Diagnostics.Process class?

32. Where do we store our connection string in ASP.NET application?

33. What is an Abstract class?

34.What is the difference between application and cache variables?

35.What is the RaiseEvent used for?

36.How do you deploy your ASP.NET application?

37. What is the root class in .Net ?

38. What are the different formatters can be used in both Binary and SOAP?

39.What is a constructor ?

40.How can you debug your.NET application?

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