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Scholarships/Assistance in Singapore

  • Like any other nation of the world special scholarships are allotted in Singapore for students to encourage higher education in them. The students who meet the criteria required for receiving the scholarships can apply for the one's that suits their career interests. There are some special scholarships for the students in need of financial assistance and for those with exceptionally good academic background. Our site focussingapore offers detailed information about scholarships in Singapore.

  • The diploma holders and the undergraduates can apply for the PUB Scholarship scheme in Singapore. The scholarship is open for the citizens of Singapore with incredible GCE "O" and "A" Level results. The CCA record has also to be noteworthy. Applicants may choose to study in any of the local university in Singapore or at any of the renowned foreign university.

  • A*Star's National Science Scholarship (NSS) was first started on July 2001. It funds a joint program of undergraduate and also graduate studies. The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore manages the Joint Postgraduate Maritime Scholarship Scheme (JMSS). It is a scholarship that concentrates on upgrading the expertise of employees in local maritime related companies for their betterment.

  • Students may even apply for Public Service Commission scholarshipsto enable the civil service jobs get a good share of the talents of the nation. This certainly meets the demands of the manpower needs in special areas. The other major scholarships awarded in Singapore are Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) scholarships, Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) scholarship and National Arts Council (NAC) scholarship. Below is a list of institutions in Singapore that offer scholarships to local and international students in the respective programmes:

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