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Financial Requirements in UK

Cost of living expenditure
Cost of food alone will come approximately to $ 300 per month in US/Canada and other countries. If you include other incidental expenditure like rent, entertainment and other expenses, the average could be around $ 800-1000 per month, for a single student.

Insurance is mandatory for all international students, who plan to study abroad. Depending upon the company and policy taken, the cost of insurance for a student could be around Rs 15,000 - 20,000 per year, in any of the countries being discussed.

Books and supplies
This could be anywhere between US $ 400-1200 per year, depending upon field of study and the courses chosen.

Other costs
Visa application fee, air fare and settlement expenses like deposit on room/flat, basic necessities etc. are also to be factored in, while calculating the expenditure involved for studying abroad.

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