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Financial Requirements in Canada

  • Visa processing fee in Independent and Family Class Categories, for principal applicants and all adults (above 22 years) is C$550. Visa processing fee in Business Category for the Principal Applicant is C$1050.00 Visa processing fee in all categories for minors (below 22 ) is C$150. Right of landing fee of C$475 is applicable to all the categories for applicants over 22 years. Visa processing fees is payable to the Immigration Authorities by bank draft at the time of filing the case. Right of Landing Fee can be paid at any time during the application process or at the time of submission of the application. Right of landing fee is refundable if an applicant is unsuccessful. The Visa Processing fee is non-refundable.

  • Visa Processing fees and Right of Landing fees are payable in various currencies and at exchange rates as fixed by the Immigration Authorities. The Principal Applicant may file just his/her own case, thereby not paying the Visa Processing and Right of Landing Fee for family members. The applicant is entitled to sponsor family members after landing in Canada, by paying visa processing and right of landing fee at that time. Besides these fees also required are settlement funds to be shown at the time of landing in Canada. These funds are not be submitted but are only an assurance that the new immigrant will not become a public charge. To apply for a Health Card, a copy of the rent deed of housing and a bank account are needed. House owners are reluctant to rent properties to new immigrants as they do not have a credit history or job and reference checks. Two months rent and one-month security is taken. If the immigrant moves out prior to staying for the period of rental agreement (usually 6-12 months) due to his job being far way then the advance stands forfeited. Renting an accommodation closer to job place, furnishing it and to have access to other basic amenities costs the immigrant quite a substantial amount.

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