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Documents to be submitted in USA

Academic Records/Transcripts
For Undergraduate programs:  

You are required to submit a secondary school report and report cards of your final exams. The report form should be filled out by a school official and should provide your ranking in the class. The school report should talk about your accomplishments and provide a prediction of your chances for success in university-level studies.If possible, ask your school to include a guide to the grading standards used in your educational system and your school. If your school ranks students by their level of academic achievement, make certain that the ranking is included with the other details. Also send the school / junior college leaving certificate as and when it is available. If the transcripts are in a language other than English, then it must be translated into English only by the issuing authority otherwise it may not be acceptable.

For Graduate Level programs:

Students are required to submit an official transcript from each college or university that they have attended after secondary school with complete details of the subjects/credits involved (for each year). Most universities ask for the transcript to be sealed in an envelope and signed and attested across the seal by the registrar. This procedure is to be done for each and every college that you have attended. Some universities may ask for more than one copy of the transcript.If the transcripts are in a language other than English, they must be translated into English only by the issuing authority or university.

Statement of Purpose (SOP) 

This is usually a one-page statement in which you have the opportunity to introduce yourself to the admissions committee, and tell them about your goals, personally and professionally, and what would make you a valuable addition to their campus community. The statement should contain information about your educational objectives, your career goals, your reasons for wanting to study in the U.S. and in the particular school or college to which you are submitting the application. This is a good time to show evidence of your desire to attend this specific program, and you should take this opportunity to specifically mention what it is about the program (e.g. specific courses, faculty members, opportunities for research) that appeal to you.

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