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Degrees Offered by U.S Universities

There are different levels of degrees available in the United States. We have to plan ahead the level of the degree we intend to acquire. Going overseas for an undergraduate degree is an expensive proposition, although there is a recent trend favouring this. Most students secure a bachelorís degree in India and then move overseas for higher studies.


There are two major types of graduate degrees-the masterís degree and the doctoral degree, the masterís degree and the doctoral degree. Both of these involve a combination of research and coursework. They offer a great depth in training, with appropriate specialization. Both of these involve a combination of research and coursework. The teaching and learning process is not anchored to the classical ĎTelling methodí adopted by teachers in the lecture room. There would be emphasis on discussions, and exchange of ideas among the pupils, as well as between pupils and the members of the faculty. Seminars and presentations are common. The assessment would be continuous done internally by the faculty. The degree requirements are usually stated in terms of credits.


The masterís degree may be sub-divided into Academic Masterís and Professional Masterís. Academic Masterís like the MA or MS are awarded in arts, science and humanities. We can secure MS in disciplines like engineering, technology, agriculture, veterinary science and fisheries. Professional masterís programmes like MBA (Master of Business Administration), MFA (master of Fine Arts) M.Arch and M.Ed., aim at leading us to a chosen profession.


These can be earned only through focused effort spread over three years or more after securing a Masterís. The duration depends on the nature of the subject. The complexity of the topic and the norms of the university we choose. In-depth study in the chosen field, well-demonstrated original approach, and independent findings are necessary for acquiring a doctoral degree.


There are various sources for the right information like the Education USA advising centers. Details for contact are available in the website www.educationusa.state.gov. Also we may contact the offices of USEIF (United States-India Educational Foundation). Two addresses are given below:

USIEF Regional Office, American Consulate Building 220. Anna Salai, Chennai Ė 600006. Phone: 044-28574423, email: usiefchennai@fullbright-india.org; Website: www.usief.org.in USIEF Delhi Center, Fulbright House, 12-Hailey Road, New Delhi-110 001: Ph: 011-409-0909, email: adviser@fullbright.india.org

We should have with us documents such as passport, non-immigrant visa, birth certificate, certificates of immunization / vaccination, academic certificates and their copies, details of recent programmes / courses we have undergone in India. Contact details of persons in the university of our destination, and contact details in India including telephone numbers.

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