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Tcl script to give mobility to nodes


     Number of nodes is fixed in the program. Nodes are configured with specific parameters of a mobile wireless node. After creating the nam file and trace file, we set up topography object. set node_ ($i) [$ns node] is used to create the nodes. Initial location of the nodes is fixed. Specific X, Y coordinates are assigned to every node. Nodes are given mobility with fixed speed and specific destination location which is generated randomly. Nodes’ mobility will change time to time. Here we set the initial size for the every node by using initial_node_pos. AODV routing protocol is used here. $val(stop) specifies the end time of the simulation.

File name: “wireless3.tcl”

if {$argc != 1} {
      error "\nCommand: ns test2.tcl <no.of.mobile-nodes>\n\n "

#-------Event scheduler object creation--------#

      set ns [new Simulator]

## Create a trace file and nam file..
      set tracefd [open wireless2.tr w]
      set namtrace [open wireless2.nam w]   

## Trace the nam and trace details from the main simulation..
      $ns trace-all $tracefd
      $ns namtrace-all-wireless $namtrace $val(x) $val(y)

## set up topography object..
      set topo [new Topography]

      $topo load_flatgrid $val(x) $val(y)

      set god_ [create-god $val(nn)]

## Color Descriptions..
      $ns color 1 dodgerblue
      $ns color 2 blue
      $ns color 3 cyan
      $ns color 4 green
      $ns color 5 yellow
      $ns color 6 black
      $ns color 7 magenta
      $ns color 8 gold
      $ns color 9 red
## Setting The Distance Variables..
# For model 'TwoRayGround'
      set dist(5m)  7.69113e-06
      set dist(9m)  2.37381e-06
      set dist(10m) 1.92278e-06
      set dist(11m) 1.58908e-06
      set dist(12m) 1.33527e-06
      set dist(13m) 1.13774e-06
      set dist(25m) 3.07645e-07
      set dist(30m) 2.13643e-07
      set dist(35m) 1.56962e-07
      set dist(40m) 1.56962e-10
      set dist(45m) 1.56962e-11
      set dist(50m) 1.20174e-13
      #Phy/WirelessPhy set CSThresh_ $dist(50m)
      #Phy/WirelessPhy set RXThresh_ $dist(50m)


## Setting node config event with set of inputs..
        $ns node-config -adhocRouting $val(rp) \
                   -llType $val(ll) \
                   -macType $val(mac) \
                   -ifqType $val(ifq) \
                   -ifqLen $val(ifqlen) \
                   -antType $val(ant) \
                   -propType $val(prop) \
                   -phyType $val(netif) \
                   -channelType $val(chan) \
                   -topoInstance $topo \
                   -agentTrace ON \
                   -routerTrace ON \
                   -macTrace OFF \
                   -movementTrace ON

## Creating node objects..               
      for {set i 0} {$i < $val(nn) } { incr i } {
            set node_($i) [$ns node]     
      for {set i 0} {$i < 4 } {incr i } {
            $node_($i) color yellow
            $ns at 0.0 "$node_($i) color yellow"
      for {set i 4} {$i < 10 } {incr i } {
            $node_($i) color red
            $ns at 3.0 "$node_($i) color red"
      for {set i 10} {$i < 15 } {incr i } {
            $node_($i) color blue
            $ns at 5.0 "$node_($i) color blue"

## Provide initial location of mobilenodes..
      $node_(0) set X_ 27.0
      $node_(0) set Y_ 260.0
      $node_(0) set Z_ 0.0

      $node_(1) set X_ 137.0
      $node_(1) set Y_ 348.0
      $node_(1) set Z_ 0.0

      $node_(2) set X_ 294.0
      $node_(2) set Y_ 235.0
      $node_(2) set Z_ 0.0

      $node_(3) set X_ 414.0
      $node_(3) set Y_ 342.0
      $node_(3) set Z_ 0.0

      $node_(4) set X_ 562.0
      $node_(4) set Y_ 267.0
      $node_(4) set Z_ 0.0

      $node_(5) set X_ 279.0
      $node_(5) set Y_ 447.0
      $node_(5) set Z_ 0.0
      $node_(6) set X_ -128.0
      $node_(6) set Y_ 260.0
      $node_(6) set Z_ 0.0

      $node_(7) set X_ 727.0
      $node_(7) set Y_ 269.0
      $node_(7) set Z_ 0.0
      $node_(8) set X_ 130.0
      $node_(8) set Y_ 126.0
      $node_(8) set Z_ 0.0

      $node_(9) set X_ 318.0
      $node_(9) set Y_ 45.0
      $node_(9) set Z_ 0.0

      $node_(10) set X_ 505.0
      $node_(10) set Y_ 446.0
      $node_(10) set Z_ 0.0

      $node_(11) set X_ 421.0
      $node_(11) set Y_ 158.0
      $node_(11) set Z_ 0.0

      $node_(12) set X_ 72.0
      $node_(12) set Y_ 397.0
      $node_(12) set Z_ 0.0

      if {$val(nn) >12} {
            for {set i 13} {$i < $val(nn) } { incr i } {
                  set xx [expr rand()*600]
                  set yy [expr rand()*500]
                  $node_($i) set X_ $xx
                  $node_($i) set Y_ $yy
                  $node_($i) set Z_ 0.0
## Define node initial position in nam..
      for {set i 0} {$i < $val(nn)} { incr i } {
      # 30 defines the node size for nam..
            $ns initial_node_pos $node_($i) 30
## Stop procedure..
$ns at 0.0 "destination"
proc destination {} {
      global ns val node_
      set time 1.0
      set now [$ns now]
      for {set i 0} {$i<$val(nn)} {incr i} {
            set xx [expr rand()*600]
            set yy [expr rand()*500]
            $ns at $now "$node_($i) setdest $xx $yy 20.0"
      $ns at [expr $now+$time] "destination"

$ns at $val(stop) "stop"

#stop procedure:
proc stop {} {
    global ns tracefd namtrace
    $ns flush-trace
    close $tracefd
    close $namtrace
    puts "running nam..."
    exec nam wireless2.nam &
    exit 0

$ns run

# How to run the program:

$ns wireless2.tcl

#snapshot of the program:

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