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Network Lab Exercise Programs
1. Simple Message Passing Program.
2. Implementation Of Client-Server Communication Using TCP.
3. Implemention Of File Transfer Protocol.
4. Implementation Of Domain Name space.
5. Implementation Of CRC.
6. Implementation Of Checksum.
7. Implementation of Bit Stuffing
8. Implementation of Sliding Window.
9. Simulation of ARP/RARP.
10. Transferring Files Over RS232.
11. Simulation of BGP/OSPF routing protocol.
12. Downloading File From Http Server.
13. Implementation Of Address Conversion Routines
14. Implementation Of Udp Client Server Communication Using Bind System Call.
15. Implementation Of Udp Client Server Communication Using Sendto and Received From System calls.
16. Implementation Of Simple FTP client.
17. Reading IP and port ID from command line and sending message to server.
18. Implementation Of Peer to Peer connection using udp.
19. Implementation Of Http Client.
20. Demonstration to generate SIGPIPE Error with Socket.
21. Demonstration to restart server by capturing SIGHUP signal .
22. Java Socket Program For EchoServer and EchoClient Commuincation.
23. Java Program For Message Group Window.
24. Java Program For Message Passing Using Message window .
25. Java Program For Client Server Communication Using Object Stream .
26. Java Client Server Program Using Byte Stream.
27. Java Multicasting Program.
28. Java WindowChat Program.
29. Study of network simulators like NS2, Glomosim, OPNET.