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State Bank of India(SBI)
State Bank of India provides its customers with a variety of personal banking services. SBI, which is actively engaged in Community Services Banking, also offers education loans to students aspiring to continue higher studies. SBI Study Loans are sanctioned only to Indian Nationals. A study loan is sanctioned for studies both in India and abroad.

Courses Eligible for Education Loans:

A candidate, who applies for a program with prospects of employment, can apply for the loan. Whether you apply for a graduate, professional or postgraduate program or any other course sanctioned by UGC, AICTE or the government, you will be considered eligible for the loan.

Expenses taken into account:

  1. The student loan covers school, college or hostel fees as well as cost for buying books and other necessary items.
  2. Apart from the library, exam or library fees, even caution deposit, refundable deposit and building fund are considered for the loan.
  3. Other expenses, which are mandatory for completing the course, travel expense as well as a maximum cost of Rd 50,000 for buying a 2 wheeler, are taken into account.

Quantum of Loan & Security:

An applicant is sanctioned a loan of maximum Rs 10 lacs for studying in India and Rs 20 lacs for studying in abroad. On a loan above Rs 4 lacs, there is a margin of 5% and 15% for studying in India and abroad respectively.
  1. No security is required for loan amount upto Rs 4 lacs.
  2. A borrower should present a 3rd party as guarantee for a loan amount above Rs 4 lacs. However, on SBI discretion, this clause of 3rd party guarantee may be waived off in certain cases.
  3. If you borrow a loan amount above Rs 7.5 lacs, you need to offer a material collateral security and assign the future income of the student for paying installments.
  4. The guardians or parents of a borrowing student should secure an education loan.
  5. If the borrower is married, his or her spouse, parents-in-law or parents can act as the co-obligator.

Repayment of Education Loan:

The borrower can begin repaying 6 months after getting job or one year after the course is completed, whichever happens earlier. The loan can be repaid in a period of 5 to 7 years.

Education Loan for ISM students:

Education loans are also offered to the students of ISB. An ISB student can borrow upto 95% of costs. There is also a margin of 5% on the loan amount, which needs to be repaid in 7 years. For detailed information on this loan scheme for ISB students, you can contact the branch at Hyderabad University Campus Branch.
To Know More Information click : http://www.sbi.co.in
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