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Lakshmi Vilas Bank
Eligibility : 

To meet the expenses connected with the pursuit of higher secondary education, specific courses of study at recognized institutions, including professional/job-oriented courses, which offer reasonable opportunity for employment & loan repayment capacity on successful completion.

Loan Details



  • For Higher Secondary Education: Maximum of Rs.25000/-
  • For Studies in India : Maximum of Rs .7.50 Lacs
  • For Studies Abroad : Maximum of Rs.15.00 lacs


  • For loans up to Rs.4.0 lacs - No minimum stipulated
  • For loans above Rs. 4 lacs
    - Studies in India : Minimum -5%
    - Studies abroad : Minimum -15%


  • For loans up to Rs.4.00 lacs : No security.
  • For loans above Rs.4.00 lacs : Collateral security of value equal to 100% of the loan amount or personal guarantee of third person known to the Bank whose net worth is at least equal to 200% of the loan amount or a combination of both
Rate of Interest
  • For loans up to Rs.4.00 lacs: At BPLR (PER: 14.75% p.a.)
  • For loans above Rs.4.00 lacs: BPLR+1.00% (PER: 15.75% p.a.)

To be repaid within a maximum period of 84 months, with a holiday period of course period + 1 year or 6 months after employment whichever is earlier.

To Know More Information click : http://www.lvbank.com
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