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C Program To Find Number Of Days Between Two Dates
#include #include void main() { int day1,mon1,year1,day2,mon2,year2; int ref,dd1,dd2,i; clrscr(); printf("\nEnter first day, month, year"); scanf("%d%d%d",&day1,&mon1,&year1); printf("\nEnter second day,month,year"); scanf("%d%d%d",&day2,&mon2,&year2); ref = year1; if(year2

Sample Output :

Enter first day, month, year29 7 2009

Enter second day,month,year12 12 2009

No. of days of first date fronm the Jan 1 2009= 210
No. of days from the reference year's first Jan = 346
Therefore, diff between the two dates is 136

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