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C Program For Snake Game
#include #include #include #include #include #include check(); end(); win(); int m[500],n[500],con=20,TEMP; clock_t start,stop; void main(void) { int gd=DETECT,gm,ch,maxx,maxy,x=13,y=14,p,q,spd=100; int a=0,i=0,j,t,temp; initgraph(&gd,&gm,"..//bgi"); setcolor(WHITE); settextstyle(3,0,6); outtextxy(200,2," "); settextstyle(6,0,2); outtextxy(20,80," Use Arrow Keys To Direct The Snake "); outtextxy(20,140," Avoid The Head Of Snake Not To Hit Any Part Of Snake"); outtextxy(20,160," Pick The Beats Untill You Win The Game "); outtextxy(20,200," Press 'Esc' Anytime To Exit "); outtextxy(20,220," Press Any Key To Continue "); outtextxy(20,220," DONT FORGET TO GIVE U R VALUABLE OPINION "); ch=getch(); if(ch==27) exit(0); cleardevice(); maxx=getmaxx(); maxy=getmaxy(); randomize(); p=random(maxx); temp=p%13; p=p-temp; q=random(maxy); temp=q%14; q=q-temp; start=clock(); while(1) { setcolor(WHITE); setfillstyle(SOLID_FILL,con+5); circle(p,q,5); floodfill(p,q,WHITE); if( kbhit() ) { ch=getch(); if(ch==0) ch=getch(); if(ch==72&& a!=2) a=1; if(ch==80&& a!=1) a=2; if(ch==75&& a!=4) a=3; if(ch==77&& a!=3) a=4; } else { if(ch==27 ) break; } if(i<20){ m[i]=x; n[i]=y; i++; } if(i>=20) { for(j=con;j>=0;j--){ m[1+j]=m[j]; n[1+j]=n[j]; } m[0]=x; n[0]=y; setcolor(WHITE); setfillstyle(SOLID_FILL,con); circle(m[0],n[0],8); floodfill(m[0],n[0],WHITE); setcolor(WHITE); for(j=1;j=5) spd=spd-5; else spd=5; if(con>490) win(); p=random(maxx); temp=p%13; p=p-temp; q=random(maxy); temp=q%14; q=q-temp; } if(a==1) y = y-14; if(y<0) { temp=maxy%14;y=maxy-temp;} if(a==2) y = y+14; if(y>maxy) y=0; if(a==3) x = x-13; if(x<0) { temp=maxx%13;x=maxx-temp;} if(a==4) x = x+13; if(x>maxx) x=0; if(a==0){ y = y+14 ; x=x+13; } } } check(){ int a; for(a=1;a

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