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CPP Program For Solve Regular Expression
# include # include # include # include // regular expression to nfa by g.ram kumar // works for everything but produces excessive epsilon transitions int ret[100]; static int pos=0; static int sc=0; void nfa(int st,int p,char *s) { int i,sp,fs[15],fsc=0; sp=st;pos=p;sc=st; while(*s!=NULL) {if(isalpha(*s)) {ret[pos++]=sp; ret[pos++]=*s; ret[pos++]=++sc;} if(*s=='.') {sp=sc; ret[pos++]=sc; ret[pos++]=238; ret[pos++]=++sc; sp=sc;} if(*s=='|') {sp=st; fs[fsc++]=sc;} if(*s=='*') {ret[pos++]=sc; ret[pos++]=238; ret[pos++]=sp; ret[pos++]=sp; ret[pos++]=238; ret[pos++]=sc; } if (*s=='(') {char ps[50]; int i=0,flag=1; s++; while(flag!=0) {ps[i++]=*s; if (*s=='(') flag++; if (*s==')') flag--; s++;} ps[--i]='\0'; nfa(sc,pos,ps); s--; } s++; } sc++; for(i=0;i %d\n",ret[i],ret[i+1],ret[i+2]); printf("\n"); getch(); }

Sample Input and Output:

enter the regular expression :49+20

state  input  state
1     --ε-->      2

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